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Would solar power increase my home’s value?

Q: Does having solar power for your home increase its value when you go to sell? Read More.

How can I tell if our home appraisal is too low?

Q: We are trying to refinance our home and we think the appraisal value is too low.  How can I tell? Read More.

Does your average price per square foot refer to gross feet, and do you have maintenance/sf data?

Q: Does your “average price per square foot” refer to gross feet, which sometimes includes a percentage of public spaces, such as elevator shafts, or “carpetable” feet? Do you have data on maintenance and real estate taxes per square feet? If not, can you get it? Read More.

Which is a better, a coop with a high or low tax deductibility?

Q:  Which is a better building, a co-op with high or low tax deductibility? Read More.

Under the HARP program, would I be eligible for a refinance?

Q:  I applied for a refinance with my current bank and the appraisal on my property came back lower than what I owed, therefore, I was rejected. My mortgage payments are never late and always made on due date. Under the HARP program, would I be eligible for a refinance, considering my payments are on time and the property value is lower than the mortgage? Is there any program available for my situation? Read More.

I have the opportunity to buy commercial property. Is this a smart investment?

Q: I have the opportunity to buy a commercial property that the owner paid $500,000 for in 2007.  The property records show it as assessed at $372,000.  I am willing to offer $495,000 as he will hold the mortgage for 15 years.  I will in turn rent out the space to cover itself and use part of the remaining space for my business.  At this price, is this a smart investment?  I would not plan on selling this space for at least 10 years. Read More.