Mortgage Financing

Why are refinancing rates higher than mortgage rates?

Great question. Ace Watansuparp, Executive Vice President at Citizens Bank, has your answer.  All things equal, refinance and purchase have the same rates. But in a refinance boom with interest rates at an all time low, as we have now, two things tend to happen: 1) Refinance volume dramatically increases. Because purchase transactions have hard deadlines - closing dates, etc. - many times refinances can affect the banks ability to deliver the loans to meet those hard deadlines. Interest rates on a refinance slightly increase to dictate the amount of volume coming in relative to the banks capacity in order to maintain a high level of service on the purchase transactions. 2) We see lock-jumpers. When a client applies for a refinance it is not always guaranteed that the loan closes: – there could be appraisal issues where the value does not come in at the target value. – if rates … Read More.

My co-op is raising the monthly maintenance fees, which are already high. What are the consequences?

Q: My co-op in Westchester County is raising again the monthly maintenance fee. As a holder of one of the biggest apartments in the co-op, my quota is going very soon to be equal to my monthly mortgage. What are the consequences of this? Read More.

I’m thinking of purchasing a home. What do I need to know about doing a title and lean search in order to protect myself as a buyer?

Q: I know that before you purchase a house, you should do a title and lien search to protect yourself as the buyer. What are the key factors to look for? What are some “red flags”? What parts of each search document are vital? What are the terms I need to know, their meaning, etc.? Please explain in simple detail… Thank you. Read More.

How much of an advantage does paying all cash play in purchasing an apartment?

Q: How much of an advantage does paying all cash play in purchasing an apartment? Read More.

I haven’t paid my mortgage in over a year and just received a foreclosure notice. What can I do?

Q: I haven’t paid my mortgage in over a year and they just put a foreclosure letter on my door! I have tried to talk to the mortgage company and they will not help me…they told me to just do what I am doing. What can I do to resolve this? Read More.

Is Elliman the biggest real estate company?

Q: Is Elliman the biggest real estate company? Read More.

Is the 20% down payment for a co-op negotiable or a solid requirement?

Q: I’m looking for an apartment in Manhattan. I’ve pre-qualified for a mortgage, and have a steady income to afford what I’m looking for, but I’ve only been working for a few years and thus don’t have enough saved for a 20% down payment. When co-ops say that they require 20% down, is that generally a solid requirement or can it be negotiated? Read More.

What type of loan should I take out to do home improvements?

Q: What type of loan (equity line of credit or loan) would be better to take out to pay off credit cards and do minor home improvements on an investment property? Total debt is $87,000 and have 2 credit scores over 710. Read More.

What will going into foreclosure to do my Fico score?

Q: I have a credit score in the high 700s and will be going into foreclosure on a home. Can you tell me what that will do to my Fico score? Read More.

I want to use my current home as an income-producing property, but am having trouble getting a loan. Can you help?

Q: I own a three-family home in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and would like to use it as a rental/income property and purchase a home in a more rural area. Can you help me find a lender who doesn’t see in only black and white? I spoke with a lender who said that they would not consider the rents from all three apartments because it wasn’t on my taxes as such. I tried to explain that I am living in one apartment and my mother in another, so the two apartments weren’t rented out. I have all three apartments rented out–$700, $700, and $850 per month covers ALL the mortgage, taxes and insurance, and leaves me with $950 income at the end of the month. I am so frusterated and any help on such a lender or your professional suggestions would be … Read More.