Monthly Archives: January 2013

If I close an old credit card that I never use, will it hurt my credit?

Q: I am thinking of closing an old credit card that I never use will this hurt my credit? I am planning on buying a property and don’t want my score to drop.  Read More.

Is it necessary to disclose my financial information at the time I submit my offer on a co-op?

Q: When an offer is made to a seller in a co-op building, is it necessary at that time to provide the seller’s broker with financial information? Twice after I provided a rather detailed financial statement upon my broker’s request, the seller then came back and raised the price 10%. My broker assured me that my financials met the criteria for the building and, in both cases, I met what the seller asked for or what the broker told me the seller would take. I believe the disclosure has been a disadvantage to me, and that after the sellers have seen my financials, they have been led to believe I would offer more. Read More.