Monthly Archives: December 2012

My co-op is raising the monthly maintenance fees, which are already high. What are the consequences?

Q: My co-op in Westchester County is raising again the monthly maintenance fee. As a holder of one of the biggest apartments in the co-op, my quota is going very soon to be equal to my monthly mortgage. What are the consequences of this? Read More.

I’m thinking of purchasing a home. What do I need to know about doing a title and lean search in order to protect myself as a buyer?

Q: I know that before you purchase a house, you should do a title and lien search to protect yourself as the buyer. What are the key factors to look for? What are some “red flags”? What parts of each search document are vital? What are the terms I need to know, their meaning, etc.? Please explain in simple detail… Thank you. Read More.