I’m a real estate agent in Australia looking to break into the New York City market–any advice?

Q: I’m from Australia and have just started out in real estate. My main goal is to be in NYC, and to break into the real estate market there hopefully by December/January. Any advice? Do I need more than 6 months’ experience to be noticed in New York?

A: The success of your career in real estate depends largely on your commitment to learning your product, making the most of each opportunity that comes your way, and staying passionate about what you do. The experience that you gain on your home turf should be a solid foundation from which to launch your career in real estate in New York, but you will have to do a lot of research to learn as much as possible about this city, its real estate and the intricacies of the process to best serve your clients.

Research the licensing requirements and attend one of the top schools to ensure that you are fully prepared to begin practicing real estate in New  York. Once you have obtained your New York license, we would be happy to interview you for a position with Douglas Elliman. Having the right company behind you is crucial to your success as an agent, and we provide our agents with the best resources and largest global network to put to use for their clients. Please contact us when you are in New York, and we will gladly schedule a time for you to come in. We wish you the best, and look forward to seeing you in the future.

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