Monthly Archives: July 2012

Who designed your website?

Q: Who designed your website? It’s awesome! Read More.

I haven’t paid my mortgage in over a year and just received a foreclosure notice. What can I do?

Q: I haven’t paid my mortgage in over a year and they just put a foreclosure letter on my door! I have tried to talk to the mortgage company and they will not help me…they told me to just do what I am doing. What can I do to resolve this? Read More.

What do I need to consider before applying for a new credit card?

Q: I was thinking about applying for a credit card that would give me more points and rewards for all the money I charge. What should I consider before doing this in regard to my credit scores? Read More.

I’m a real estate agent in Australia looking to break into the New York City market–any advice?

Q: I’m from Australia and have just started out in real estate. My main goal is to be in NYC, and to break into the real estate market there hopefully by December/January. Any advice? Do I need more than 6 months’ experience to be noticed in New York? Read More.