What am I expected to provide if I’m renting out my Hamptons home for the summer?

Q: If you rent your home in the Hamptons, what is the standard list of what you have to provide (e.g. Towels, tv, etc.)? Thank you.

A: If you are renting your house for the summer, then you are expected to provide a complete home that includes all living essentials with the exception of anything really valuable. Standard items include TVs, flatware, dinnerware, glassware, and so on. The only real exceptions are sheets and towels, as tenants typically prefer to bring their own. If there is something that you will not be providing, then it should be disclosed to buyers so that they may prepare accordingly.

Also, while not expected, it’s a particularly nice gesture to leave renters with things like take-out menus, and a set of directions to places like the local pharmacy/drug store and supermarket.  

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