I’m a California-based high school student, and want to move to New York to work at a real estate firm after I graduate. What should I do in the mean time?

Q: Hi. I am a sophomore at Galileo high school in San Francisco, California. I’ve decided to become a real estate broker and plan on attending college in California. But I would like to work in New York, so what are some ways or options I have once I finish school to move from San Francisco to New York and get a job at a real estate firm?

A: Choosing a career in real estate early in your education process can afford you the opportunity to explore the diversity of the field. You might consider applying for internships now with local brokerages, developers, and investors, so that you can learn more about career opportunities under the real estate umbrella. Your school may be helpful in finding placements or referring you to the appropriate higher education programs that will give you the knowledge and skill sets to help you pursue your passion.

It is always helpful to get some local experience before you relocate. Additionally, having a resume will make your placement in New York easier.

Continue to visit our website and others to learn more about the variety of brokerage brands and the properties they represent. It’s also helpful to learn what’s required by New York State for licensure, as it differs from California law.

Good luck, and we invite you to come see us when you’re in New York!

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