Monthly Archives: May 2012

What am I expected to provide if I’m renting out my Hamptons home for the summer?

Q: If you rent your home in the Hamptons, what is the standard list of what you have to provide (e.g. Towels, tv, etc.)? Thank you. Read More.

I just moved to NYC from outside of the United States, so I don’t have American credit. How can I build my credit so that I can buy a co-op or condo in NYC within the next two years?

Q: I just moved to NYC/the U.S. and it seems I have pretty much no American credit.  I am planning on buying a co-op or condo in NYC within the next two years. How can I build credit with a purchase in mind? Read More.

Is the 20% down payment for a co-op negotiable or a solid requirement?

Q: I’m looking for an apartment in Manhattan. I’ve pre-qualified for a mortgage, and have a steady income to afford what I’m looking for, but I’ve only been working for a few years and thus don’t have enough saved for a 20% down payment. When co-ops say that they require 20% down, is that generally a solid requirement or can it be negotiated? Read More.

I’m a California-based high school student, and want to move to New York to work at a real estate firm after I graduate. What should I do in the mean time?

Q: Hi. I am a sophomore at Galileo high school in San Francisco, California. I’ve decided to become a real estate broker and plan on attending college in California. But I would like to work in New York, so what are some ways or options I have once I finish school to move from San Francisco to New York and get a job at a real estate firm? Read More.

Is there a minimum credit score that landlords look for in potential renters?

Q: Is there a cutoff that landlords look for in scores in renting in the Manhattan market? Read More.

What type of loan should I take out to do home improvements?

Q: What type of loan (equity line of credit or loan) would be better to take out to pay off credit cards and do minor home improvements on an investment property? Total debt is $87,000 and have 2 credit scores over 710. Read More.

What is the process for renting a house in the Hamptons?

Q: What is the process and what are the fees for renting a house in the Hamptons? (broker fee, application, necessary paperwork) Read More.