My partner and I are looking to move to New York City with our 3 dogs. What resources should we review prior to working with a broker?

Q: My partner, along with 3 dogs (2 small and 1 medium sized) and myself are likely to be relocating to NYC. We have visited but never lived in the city and have very cursory knowledge of the various neighborhoods. What resources do you suggest I review prior to working with an agent? I don’t want to waste the agent’s time and money, nor mine. Best Regards.

A: The process of selecting a real estate professional involves not only researching their expertise, but also talking on the phone, or meeting with them personally to establish a rapport. Your agent is both resource and sounding board, and the relationship between you is key.

Suggested first steps are researching agencies and agents who may have been referred to you. Visit their website, read their bios, and look at the listings they represent. If you have special neighborhoods that you initially prefer, your online search may produce agents with specialties. In addition, once you do select an agent, you need to be sure to communicate that he or she must show you pet-friendly options only. Not all buildings in New York allow pets, and 3 dogs is a challenge. The search feature on allows you to select a “Pet Friendly” option, which can help you filter out properties that will not accommodate your dogs. You can also view neighborhood guides on to start getting a feel for where you might like to be.

We’d be most happy to assist you in your search and to match you with one of our real estate professionals who is best suited to your needs and who will help you find your home in New York.

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