Monthly Archives: April 2012

My partner and I are looking to move to New York City with our 3 dogs. What resources should we review prior to working with a broker?

Q: My partner, along with 3 dogs (2 small and 1 medium sized) and myself are likely to be relocating to NYC. We have visited but never lived in the city and have very cursory knowledge of the various neighborhoods. What resources do you suggest I review prior to working with an agent? I don’t want to waste the agent’s time and money, nor mine. Best Regards. Read More.

I’m from Vancouver, BC and I want to move to New York. How do I go about buying real estate in the U.S.?

Q: I am currently living in Vancouver BC, looking for a home in Manhattan. I am wondering if you have a guide to buying real estate in the U.S, as I am unfamiliar with the buying process there. Read More.

What will going into foreclosure to do my Fico score?

Q: I have a credit score in the high 700s and will be going into foreclosure on a home. Can you tell me what that will do to my Fico score? Read More.

I want to use my current home as an income-producing property, but am having trouble getting a loan. Can you help?

Q: I own a three-family home in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and would like to use it as a rental/income property and purchase a home in a more rural area. Can you help me find a lender who doesn’t see in only black and white? I spoke with a lender who said that they would not consider the rents from all three apartments because it wasn’t on my taxes as such. I tried to explain that I am living in one apartment and my mother in another, so the two apartments weren’t rented out. I have all three apartments rented out–$700, $700, and $850 per month covers ALL the mortgage, taxes and insurance, and leaves me with $950 income at the end of the month. I am so frusterated and any help on such a lender or your professional suggestions would be … Read More.

What is the typical buyer agent’s commission on new development properties in Brooklyn?

Q: What is the typical buyer agent’s commission for new construction in Brooklyn? Is this something that is usually negotiable? Read More.

What store is Elliman opening at 774 Broadway?

Q: What store is opening on the corner of Broadway and Wanamaker Place? Read More.

Douglas Elliman manages my building. Can I use a credit card to pay my monthly maintenance?

Q: Can I pay monthly maintenance to Douglas Elliman, my building manager, using my credit card? Read More.