We’re being told that there’s an accepted offer on a short-sale property that we love, but I don’t believe that this is accurate information. How do we proceed?

Q: I found a short sale that we love, but the real estate office keeps telling us that there is an accepted offer on the property. If there was an accepted offer, then why would they drop the price on the property today? Is there any way around this real estate company? They aren’t being honest and I believe that someone in the office wants the property.

A: It may be helpful to call and speak to the principal of the firm to ascertain the status of the property. The short sale process is often long and complicated. Perhaps the owner wants to keep options open while negotiations are ongoing. If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive, you may wish to hire a real estate professional whom you trust to represent you in pursuing this property, in which case you should ask him or her to contact the seller’s counsel directly to confirm that your offer has, in fact, been conveyed. Alternatively, if this is a deeded property, you can find out online who holds the mortgage and try to make contact yourself.