As a new real estate agent in NYC, am I expected to drive my clients to property showings?

Q: Are NYC real estate agents expected to drive their clients to property showings? I am a transplant from Solana Beach, CA, and new to the NYC real estate market practices and secrets. I will be obtaining my license within the month.

A: Showing properties in New York runs the gamut of walking, taking cabs or hiring a car and driver. How you get the customer around depends on many factors. If you are showing several properties  in one neighborhood, you may want to walk to each appointment, pointing out features and benefits of the area. If properties are long distances from each other or it’s rush hour, you may want to cab it or hire a car. Time and traffic conditions are two challenges you will need to adjust to in planning your showing schedule to get your customers and clients to properties on time. It is helpful to leave adequate time between appointments so that you have time to discuss the properties and arrive to the next one on time.

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