What types of relocation services do you offer?

Q: I was wondering what you offered in terms of relocation services.

A: Douglas Elliman provides a variety of relocation and related services, going far beyond standard home purchases, sales, and rentals. Our experienced team covers the Tri-State area, and will provide a comprehensive overview of the market, housing options, commuting distances, and other community details and factors that will help clients find the best hope to match their lifestyle.

We also offer settling in services, which include a variety of elements that help a move go smoothly overall. Our team of experts assists international clients moving to the Tri-State area with everything from obtaining a social security number, to setting up bank accounts, and even getting drivers licenses. They can also help clients settle into their new homes and lifestyles by spending time taking them around, or simply acting as a resource for general information, such as who to call in case of an emergency.

Finally, for those undecided on where in the Tri-State area they’d like to live, we offer comprehensive area tours, which allow clients to see first-hand the variety of living choices available to them when working in NYC.

Beyond these services, we are an excellent resource for any move-related services, such as moving companies, educational assistance, etc. If you would like to speak with one of our experts in the Relocation Division, we will be happy to match you up.