Can you help me find a home that I can rent to use as the set for a student film?

Q: I am a Brooklyn College film student looking for two homes to rent for two films I am producing. However, because it is a student film, we are on a tight budget. I learned from the webpage that you work with film productions. Do you work with student productions as well, or only studio productions? Thank you.

A: Thank you for sending us your question. Typically, when we have tried to answer film-and-photography-related inquiries in the past, what we do is ask our agents if they are aware of a property owner who might be amendable to having their property used by the film or photo crew. We advise everyone on whether there is compensation, and if so, what amount. If we get positive responses, we then connect the property owner with the film or photo crew. If you would like to send us your exact requirements as well as full contact information for the property owner, we will see if we can help.

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