What is the price for studio in the Upper East Side?

Q: Can you tell me what is the price for a Studio in the Upper East Side? Around 80th Street to 90th Street, 300 sq ft? What is the difference between condo and co-op/rental in term of price?

A: Take a look at the Elliman Report: Manhattan Decade 2002-2011 for studio prices. Page 22 of the report best represents the Upper East Side sub-market, the Yorkville co-op market. It shows an average price per square foot of $739.

The average size was 478 square feet, which is a bit larger than the size you are interested in, but if you apply the price per square foot to 300 feet, it can give you a sense of studio prices in the neighborhood.buy sumo wrestling suits

Remember that the results presented here are an average of many studio apartments and each apartment is different, so it’s tough to generalize.

To answer your other question, the difference in rental value between co-op and condos is hard to see – the differences between the two are more in relation to the characteristics of each apartment, plus the location, services and amenities offered within each building.

If you need any further insight, feel free to contact Elliman and speak to an agent familiar with your market.

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