How do I handle encroaching neighbors, especially if I plan on selling my property?

Q: Hi Dottie and Team. We do enjoy your show, listen every week. We’ve lived in our home in suburban New Jersey for over 25 years. Currently, the large, irregularly shaped property is demarcated by a few survey posts, but some are missing, and it looks as though a few of my neighbors are encroaching on my property. I may be looking to sell in a year or so, and want to avoid any issues regarding the property line encroachment or possible liability issues when the time comes. I’m looking for your advice as to what to do both now and in the future. Thank you.

A: Thanks for the email. You might want to consider investing in a new survey, or an update to the existing survey, to see if neighbor encroachments exist and to deal with them, amicably, prior to selling. Things like woodpiles can be relocated easily, while structures are trickier, but it is always easier to deal with these items when time is on your side.

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