What does it take to become an agent?

Q:  I’m currently a college junior majoring in communications with a burning passion to become a realtor in NYC. Tell me, what does it take to become an agent at this firm? Is there anything I should do before applying at Elliman? What is a “must have” on my resume to be considered? Thanks!

A:  You already have the #1 ingredient…PASSION! Now we have to fill in the content and explore with you your spheres of influence, as they will be a part of getting you to where you want to be. A large part of being a successful agent is the ability to tap into a network that will be a source of business for you.

Another important part of your success in real estate is your familiarity with the City whether it be Manhattan, or any of the other boroughs in which we also have offices.

If you can sell yourself, we’re here to listen to your presentation. Looking forward to receiving your resume!

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