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How do I get email alerts for new Elliman listings? Also interested in innovative “movable walls”

Q:  Two questions: How do I go about getting email alerts for new Elliman listings for prewar apartments in Manhattan of more than 2,000 sq ft? Second question: Is there an expert at Elliman that could recommend loft architects? Interested in innovative “movable walls” or ways to partition without destroying the open feel of a loft. Read More.

What is a co-op?

Q: What is a co-op? And, as a British person residing in the UK, what are my options with regards to purchasing a property because I notice that co-ops have buying restrictions. Read More.

I will be in town Thanksgiving weekend. Will there be open houses?

Q: I will be in town Thanksgiving weekend and was wondering if there will be any open houses that Sunday. We are interested in Manhattan, Upper West Side. Thanks and have a great weekend. Read More.

Relocating abroad and need to rent out my apartment

Q: I am the owner of a condo in Midtown Manhattan. I am shortly relocating abroad for a few years and need to rent out my apartment. How do I go about doing this? Read More.

Insider Thinking of Buying Apartment From Landlord

Q: I’ve lived in my 5.5 room rent-stabilized apt for over 37 years. The UWS building went coop a long time ago, but we did not buy–non-eviction plan. What kind of offer might I be able to expect from the landlord? Read More.

Need help relocating to Manhattan

Q: We are looking to relocate to New York City in Winter 2012-2013. I have lived in NYC in the past and found an apartment search to be somewhat like a rat race – literally running around with different brokers to be shown dingy apartments and pressured into completing paperwork the same day.
  With the New York market so competitive, this frenzy of apartment searches makes it almost impossible to thorough vet if a building is well managed and if the neighborhood is suitable. While that may have been suitable for a bachelor in his twenties, it is not so for a married couple thinking about starting a family. So as we look ahead a year, we are wondering if now is actually a good time to start thinking about neighborhoods, budgets, communities, schools, etc. Should we rent or buy? … Read More.

Can you recommend a good broker?

Q: I need a good broker that knows Madison Avenue. I’m looking to buy a 2 bedroom apartment. Can you recomend someone? Read More.

I have been renting for the last 5 years, is now a good time to purchase in NYC?

Q: I have been renting for the last 5 years, is now a good time to purchase in NYC? Read More.

A Realtor uses my home as a pocket listing. Am I obligated to use her?

Q: My home is for sale in Brooklyn. I have spoken to a realtor that took it upon herself not to list it, but rather pocket list it and bring her own customers to look at the house. So far, 4 months later we haven’t sold it. She has now included other realtors to bring their clients but still has not listed it. I haven’t signed any contract with her as of yet. Am I still obligated to use her or may a search for a new realtor? Read More.

What should I look for in a real estate attorney?

Q: What should I look for in a real estate attorney? Read More.