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Can I rent an apartment under my corporation?

Q: I own a business and would like to rent an apartment under my corporation. Is this possible? Read More.

How can I tell if our home appraisal is too low?

Q: We are trying to refinance our home and we think the appraisal value is too low.  How can I tell? Read More.

What’s the first step to selling my home of 30 years?

Q: I’m recently retired and thinking of selling my home which I’ve lived in for over 30 years.  What’s the first step? Read More.

Will Co-op Boards negotiate a down payment?

Q: As a first time buyer, I’m looking for a co-op in Manhattan.  I have a good job but haven’t saved enough for a 20% down payment. Are co-op boards negotiable about the amount I would be required to put down? Read More.

Do you have any market information about the Upper West Side?

Q: Do you have any market information about the Upper West Side?  I need more space – am thinking about selling my one bedroom for a two. Read More.

Why do condos sell for more than co-ops?

Q:  Why do condos sell for more than co-ops? Read More.

I am trying to determine the rate of appreciation of a co-op I owned on the Upper West Side

Q: I am trying to determine the rate of appreciation of a co-op I owned on the Upper West Side (82nd St) from the period 1998 – 2006, and then from 2006-2010. Do you have a resource which I could use as evidence in a divorce matter? Thank you. Read More.

Choosing A Winter Wedding Theme

Get Exclusive Collection Of Dresses Online By Mujaffar Ali Prom dresses are made fabulous when they came from the hands of brilliant designers who are good http://www.ohhmylove.com/prom-dresses/long-prom-dresses.html for their craft. Brands, de Grisogono for instance, do not avoid and approve of semiprecious stones’ use and offer various combinations of turquoise, corrals with sapphires and could choose to go for the stunning sleeveless bridal gowns or the less revealing gowns accompanied by a bridal bolero.Women believe that the wedding gown is one of the most important things to plan, think through, and shop for before the big day, which is why they want their dresses to be special and memorable as it will be the first and probably the only wedding dress that they will be spending a lot of time and effort for. You can keep a easy prom dress … Read More.

Synthetic Wig Care

Funny Costumes To Make For Teenagers Human hair wigs can replace the natural hair that is endowed to man by nature. Popularized in today’s Korean Period television series and as much as Korean fashion taking over Asia, the hanbok, otherwise known as the traditional Korean costume (or Choson-ot in North Korea) is the colorful dress epitomizing the rich and colorful history of Korea. Especially in men when the challenge of hair loss while having chemotherapy treatments gets much thinner also less uniform and more patching than women, it is frequently tough for men to catch a hair prosthesis for men or a replacement piece on the market that looks just like the hair that they possess, unless they visit the private hair boutique by Rodolfo Valentin. With more than thirty years in the industry as a worldwide famous hair prosthesis … Read More.

Do finished basements add value to my home?

Q: If I am paying higher property taxes on a finished basement and additional full bath in the basement….Then why is that not considered added value $ to my house when selling? And why can’t I advertise such when selling? Read More.